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Villarreal Transfer Rumors Thread

El Grande Cazorlita!!
El Grande Cazorlita!!

     Okay, now that we are really into the transfer window--the international players are done with their duty and the team gets together again in a month--here's a thread to collect all the rumors, discussions, and deals.  If something bubbles up to the point it's a done deal then we can post it.

     I'll begin with recapping the current state of affairs as I understand it.

Villarreal budget: everything I've seen indicates Villarreal is prepared to increase the playing budget modestly (€5-7 mil) over a year ago.  There's no particular need to trim the budget and raise cash as there was last year.  Also, with the Champions League qualifiers coming up in mid-August, I doubt Sr. Roig is going to want to lose more than one key player--it would be to hard to retool the team.

Possible players moving OUT:

Marcos Senna: the team offered Senna a huge pay cut and a one-year deal, he was hoping for a smaller pay cut in exchange for a one-year deal.  Senna has made it clear he wants to stay in Villarreal, but he has two other offers (one may be Swansea City, newly promoted to the EPL) and expects the club to come back with an improved offer.

Giuseppe Rossi: Barcelona has been told they need to bring Villarreal a €30 mil offer, at least that's what Rossi's agent has said.  Sr. Roig has said Barcelona has not made an offer.  Barca has said nothing.  Rossi is on vacation in New Jersey and hasn't said much. This deal looked like happening for sure a week or so ago (and in fact Coach Garrido seemed resigned to it) but everything has gone quiet.

Does Barca really want Rossi, or are they using him as a lever to drive down Alexis Sanchez's price?  Or vice versa?

   There is possible interest in Rossi from Italy, but Rossi hasn't been as keen on Serie A lately, and Juventus (one of he teams linked with him) isn't competing in Europe next year.

Other players: Loanees (Montero, Altidore, Marcano, Cristóbal) are all likely to be moved somewhere, either permanently or on loan; a few others such as Kiko Olivas, Joan Oriol look to have their way blocked at Villarreal.  The team is looking to loan out Juan Carlos to get him experience; he hardly played last year.   And Villarreal has to decide whether to exercise its first option to purchase Iago Falqué, or let him go.

Possible players coming IN:

César Sanchez is a definite, having signed for one year to back up Diego López.

Others where the rumors seem to have some basis:

Camuñas (Osasuna): he wants to come to Villarreal, I sense the clubs will agree once some of the more major issues are resolved

Canella (Sporting): again, the clubs still need to reach agreement but there seems some general consensus it will happen eventually

Canales (Real Madrid); Villarreal wants him, he wants to come here.  Madrid wants him to go to Germany, where they can get more money for him in a loan deal; Canales wants to stay in Spain.  All that I believe is being talked about at the moment is a loan deal, and another problem is Madrid wants a buyback clause, Villarreal doesn't.  Supposedly Garrido called Mourinho to try to get something worked out but the impasse continues.

Less likely, or less documented:

 Rodallega (Wigan) according to himself (but 2 weeks ago now) we were making a bid for him

 Baroni (Fenerbahce) according to his agent yesterday, we placed a bid for him

   Rumored but now gone:

Miroslav Klose, Kevin Gameiro.  Both good news, the first because he wouldn't fit and is aging, the second because I continually misspell his name (though I would have enjoyed seeing him in yellow, I'm sure)

Have at it, guys!