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Thread: Mallorca - Villarreal

Not much to say about this one, other than that the islanders have worked themselves into a frenzy since they were removed from the Europa League for breaching UEFA's financial Fair Play rules.  Of course, Villarreal was installed in their stead, and the rest is history.  The sole piece of good sportmanship has been Pierre Webo asking the home supporters to cheer on Borja Valero, who played so well for them.  Otherwise, it's all been vitriol. 

As for the match, Villarreal has posted their starting XI:

Mario - Musacchio - Marchena - Catalá
Borja - Bruno - Senna - Cazorla
Nilmar - Rossi

Welcome back, Senna!  And it's good to see Borja recovered from his muscle strain as well.  So for fellow American supporters, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a Mother's Day morning with the Yellow Submarine.

After yesterday's results, a win today would guarantee Villarreal at least 4th place in La Liga and a place in next year's Champions League qualifying round (as long as the teams above them all meet the financial Fair Play regulations, of course...).  What better place to do so than in Palma de Mallorca.  Get in, take the points, and get out of town.

Endavant Villarreal!!