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Highlights of Villarreal's 0-3 Victory over Kitchee

There are not many opportunities to catch Villarreal in action as a team over the summer, so the highlights (thanks Damipher!) of the Canon Cup take on all the more importance! 

It is very interesting to see Hidetoshi Nakata - a non-Villarreal player - line up in yellow, but that sort of thing, along with the mere fact that we traveled to Hong Kong and helped raise money for disaster relief in Japan, should help enamor the club to new fans in Asia.

Goals on the match included a beauty from Marcos Senna, and efforts from Trigueros and Fofo at the end of the match to put things comfortably out of reach. Definitely a nice touch to get a couple of C-teamer goals - both for those guys, scoring their first A-team goals, and also as a sign for the future of Villarreal!