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Update on Gonzalo and other news

Villarreal flag
Villarreal flag

Hola i bon dia groguets! As Gonzalo confirmed last night via twitter, he has suffered a broken leg. It'll be operated on today and he'll be out for the rest of the season.

Villarreal C.F. - Gonzalo se pierde lo que resta de temporada

Gonza sent the following via iPhone from the hospital after confirming the break:

Aprendí a levantarme ,aprendí a pelear, aprendí a hacerme mas fuerte y lo mejor de todo es que me acostumbre a salir hacia adelante... (rough translation something like: 'i have learned to get up and to fight, to make myself stronger, but best of all I have gotten used to moving forward')

Remember, this is the guy who was hardly a member of the team in the summer, as Villarreal was trying to move him due to off-the-field issues more than anything. But he did everything the team asked him to in order to rehabilitate himself in the club's eyes, and has had an excellent season, serving as captain in the prolonged absence of Marcos Senna. Here's hoping the team can win the Europa League for him.

Some reviews of last night: EPM agrees, Villarreal were Barcelona in yellow Sí, jugaron como el Barça

Nilmar and Santi pick up 'strategic' yellows late on and will serve their suspensions in the next leg (honestly, since when have you seen Nilmar take a goal kick?) a holanda sin nilmar ni santi

AS's dandies, cracks, etc. are always interesting Manita hacia semifinales

though an American soccer site didn't think Onyewu was that bad. That would be the Onyewu who could be seen freqently backpedaling in order to allow Nilmar and Rossi free shots at goal. American Exports: Gooch, Twente crushed by Villarreal

Finally, news that former Villarreal man Martin Palermo is retiring from Boca Juniors at age 37.

BOCA JUNIORS' MARTIN PALERMO ANNOUNCES RETIREMENT, in their own "make up the headline regardless of what the story says" style, claims Rossi is ready to move to the "big club" Juventus (currently not even in a Europa League place in Serie A) or else Barcelona. Yeah, like they need him. Villarreal’s Giuseppe Rossi open to summer move -

Nothing to do with us, but Athletic Bilbao have released a new second kit--I guess to wear next year? It looks very Basque, green, red, white...the main question is whether Fernando Llorente will be wearing it next season. Late-Season Kit Porn: Athletic Unveils A New Second Shirt

Returning to Villarreal, this just in, Marchena looks ahead to the game on Sunday. Oh no, the referee is Muñiz Fernandez. Why must we suffer his incompetence once again?

Villarreal C.F. - Marchena: "Volver a Mestalla es un aliciente más"

Hopefully Marchena is correct, we can produce another fine display, and pick up three valuable points. Endavant Villarreal!