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Thread: Villarreal - Barca

This is futbol, proclaims the club. The day of possession and tiki-taka draws to a close with the highly anticipated match between the A teams. Both have midweek European quarterfinals to think about: Barca will host Shakhtar Donetsk, while Villarreal will be at home to Twente.

Manager Juan Carlos Garrido vows that Villarreal will stick to its guns, meaning that we won't start out trying to park the bus. And Cani thinks it is a great chance to pick up all 3 points, though I caution that a wounded (literally) animal is dangerous.

We've had good success at home against Barca, going 5-1-5 in La Liga. And today's referee worked our home wins over Atletico and Valencia (in the Copa del Rey). Good omens.

My expected XI has no surprises:

Diego Lopez
Mario – Musacchio – Gonzalo – Capdevila
Borja – Bruno – Marchena – Cazorla
Nilmar – Rossi (h/t Kenez)

Prediction: I will venture only that we get a result. And Nilmar will be on target. Endavant Villarreal!