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Welcome to the new Villarreal USA site!!

     On behalf of maddi, siempre_riquelme and myself, welcome to our new site!  For those of you who have moved over with us from our old site, don't forget to register so you can start contributing to the blog with fanposts and fanshots.   And for those of you who are finding us for the first time, a special welcome to our corner of the futbol world! 

     Villarreal USA is both a blog (begun in 2008) which strives to provide the best English-language coverage of Villarreal CF on the internet, as well as being an official American penya (supporter's club) of the team.  Though we have 'USA' in our title, we know many of our readers are from other countries, and we're delighted to have all of you on board the Yellow Submarine!! Endavant Villarreal!!