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Result: Napoli 0-0 Villarreal

Who: Napoli – Villarreal
What: Europa League, Round of 32, 1st leg
When: 19:00 Italy; 13:00 Eastern Time
Where: Stadio San Paolo, Napoli
TV: DirecTV ch. 481 (US)

My projected starting XI:

Diego López
Cicinho – Musacchio – Gonzalo – Capdevila
Borja – Bruno – Senna – Cazorla
Nilmar – Rossi

Should be fun. I would keep the faith in Nilmar, as he has played well in European competition. Cani drops to the bench with Senna's return. In back, Cicinho knows Napoli and Serie A, and the stage might be a bit much for the young Mario Gaspar.

At work for this one, but Allen will lead the way. We must score, keep a clean sheet, or both. I find the latter two options highly unlikely, so I will bank on Nilmar-Rossi to get a result. Endavant Villarreal!