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Napoli - Villarreal: By the Numbers

A more detailed preview to come on Wednesday, but just to whet your appetite...

Team overviews:

SSC Napoli:

  • 25 matches played; 40 goals scored, 22 conceded, +18 GD.
  • 49 points, 2nd place in Serie A; 3 points behind leaders AC Milan.

Villarreal CF:

  • 23 matches played; 41 goals scored, 23 conceded, +18 GD.
  • 45 points, 4th place in La Liga; 17(!!) points behind leaders Barcelona.

From the season numbers, it's a tight, intriguing matchup.

Individual statistics (in league play):

SSC Napoli:

Villarreal CF:

  • Giuseppe Rossi (Italy): 12 goals, 5 assists
  • Nilmar (Brazil): 10 goals, 3 assists
  • Santi Cazorla (Spain): 5 goals, 7 assists
  • Borja Valero (Spain): 3 goals, 7 assists

Scoring statistics (in league play):

SSC Napoli:

  • 10-4-6 in league matches decided by 2 goals or fewer.
  • 15(!!) goals after the 75th minute.
  • Has outscored league opponents 23-13 in the second half.
Villarreal CF:
  • 11-5-5 in league matches decided by 2 goals or fewer.
  • Has outscored league opponents 26-11(!!) in the first half.

All in all, a great tie is in store, perhaps more befitting of a quarterfinal. Expect a raucous atmosphere at the 60,000-seat Stadio San Paolo on Thursday evening.