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Podcast: The Molina hire and the club financials

It is Molina time in Vila-real
It is Molina time in Vila-real

Sid, Allen and Ravi get together for one last time in 2011 to record a special podcast on the big news coming from Vila-real.

Duration : 46 min

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1. The Molina hire : 24 min

- Is this a good hire?

- What are the motives behind the hire?

- Will we revert back to our traditional 4-4-2? What does Molina bring to the table?

- Will more B teamers get more playing time with Molina?

- What are the risks involved with this move?

2. Club financials : 8 min

- 84 mil eur revenue and 100 mil eur expenses

- First loss reported by the club in the Roig era

- Causes for high expenses

- What part of the loss is actual and how much of it is accounting related?

- Budget for the upcoming year

3. Do we make a move in the transfer window? : 14 min

- Will we buy anyone?

- Will we sell anyone?

- Buy get someone on loan from other leagues or tap into the Segunda division?