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After Garrido, who now?

Villarreal flag
Villarreal flag

Before we get too far into the speculation about the future, I was going to write an appreciation or review of Garrido's reign. But I can't improve on David Jaca's review, below--I think it sums up the highs and lows of the last two years very well, even including the scene in the locker room last night:

It's unfortunate that 13 years at Villarreal ended in the way it did, with upset supporters apparently shouting anti-Garrido slogans even as Sr. Roig was dismissing him. Sad all the way round.

Garrido's final totals as Villarreal coach: 45 wins, 23 draws and 38 losses in all competitions.

I won't relive last night's game in detail (you can read the game thread and report if you want to be suitably sickened) but Adrián Ripollés makes some good points in his article for the futvillarreal blog. The players bear a lot of the blame too (and Sr. Roig called them out in the dressing room). Our poll results indicate some of us feel Sr. Roig bears some of the blame too (though what input Garrido had into the summer signings we don't know), but in Villarreal the feeling was "what has Sr. Roig done to deserve this?" so he's clearly not being blamed:

Here is a special podcast, recorded late last night, where Sid, Ravi and I discuss some of the possible replacements for Garrido.

The only internal candidate, so to speak, is José Molina. If the B team were performing better under his watch, he'd be the obvious fit--he was promoted from the C to the B team coaching role late last season and guided the team to a couple of key wins to keep them up, but so far this year his team has shown the same defensive frailties and failure to convert possession into goals that the first team has. Nonetheless, Molina's name is getting mentioned a lot, especially by José Luis Lizarraga at EPM, who tends to be pretty accurate on team matters.

Marca reports on three possibilities, Michel, Victor Fernandez and Juande Ramos:

Of these three, Ramos seems to be getting the most twitter mentions this morning, not that anyone knows anything. And Manzano should be available too, as his agent is meeting Atleti now to negotiate his dismissal. (Mind you, our site founder maddi will have plenty to say if we hire an Atleti castoff, regardless of whether it's a good fit or not). And there are plenty of other names being bandied about too.

I am surprised only that according to EPM had the team won last night Garrido would have stayed. I think Garrido had been twisting in the wind long enough, but apparently he had made plans for various training plans once he returned from vacation December 28. But it's hard to fire family, and Garrido was certainly that, having spent 13 years at the club. This article was published in December 2010, when things were going so well for him and the club, and I prefer to remember those times under Garrido, not this year and certainly not last night.

and as Adrián wrote above, let's look forward to better times. Endavant Villarreal!!