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The Aftermath - Who will be our next coach?

Villarreal without a coach now.
Villarreal without a coach now.

Sid, Allen and Ravi come together for a special pod after last night's firing of coach Garrido.

Podcast duration : 54 minutes

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1. Longterm v shortterm

2. Defensive or attacking

3. La Liga Experience - How important it is?

4. The Cantera - We need someone who can use it more effectively

5. The candidates: Laudrup, Lillo, Juande, Manzano, Michel, Victor Fernandez, Schuster, Falcioni(Boca Juniors), Sampaoli(U de Chile), Rafa Benitez

6. New player signings for January. Someone on the cheap from 2nda?

7. Will any player leave in January?

8. Do we need a motivator type of coach?

9. Predictions

10. Paper round-up and some of the things that transpired immediately at the end of the game.

We will do another pod once the new coach is announced. #EndavantVillarreal