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Podcast: Garrido's future, more bad results

Vamos Villarreal!
Vamos Villarreal!

Sid, Allen and Ravi get together for one last time in the calendar year of 2011 to discuss the continued malaise of the Yellow submarine.

1. Racing Santander, Napoli and Real Sociedad games 14 min

- Positives and negatives
- the back four
- Is this our ideal line-up?
- the midfield we got 90 min from Senna
- the Cani factor
- What this game means to Garrido's future
- Is all fine with Gonzalo?

2. Should we take the Copa seriously? Borja's positioning & Garrido's future 19min

- Borja's positioning
- Should we play 4-4-2 all the time?
- Garrido's future - Will he last out the season?

3. Mirandes & Osasuna previews - 8min

- Mirandés
- Osasuna

4. The strikers problem - 10min

- Can Ruben carry the load of goalscorer
- Do we need new strikers in January?

In this inaugural season of the podcast, we have produced about 24 podcasts and game reviews. We have interviewed Jonathan de Guzman after his signing and Hernán Sanz and Juan Anton from the club in this short span of time. Thanks for all the support from the club and to you all listeners and your feedback. As always please keep the feedback coming.

We will be back next year with more and hopefully our beloved submarine gets out of this rut as soon as possible.

Endavant and Happy Holidays!