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World Cup and Euro 2012 qualifiers, USA and Spain friendlies: open thread

Jefferson Montero in the yellow and blue of Ecuador. (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
Jefferson Montero in the yellow and blue of Ecuador. (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
Getty Images

   There's a lot of international football today and tomorrow.  The Euro 2012 playoffs, first leg, are today:  Bosnia hosts Portugal, Turkey welcomes Croatia, Czech Republic-Montenegro, and Estonia-Republic of Ireland.  All of these matches begin between 2PM and 3PM EST.

   As for the World Cup,  CONCACAF, and African nations are in action in early rounds of their qualifying tournament, and some of those results are already in.  Asian nations are in the third round of their qualification, and with their loss today to Uzbekistan, North Korea are officially OUT of the World Cup in 2014.  They're the first nation that qualified in 2010 to be bounced.

    The South American qualifying, which is the toughest in the world bar none, continues: Argentina-Bolivia (3 EST), Bolivia seems to be clearly the weakest team on the continent right now so expect an easy win for Argentina there.

 At 5PM EST Uruguay host Chile.  This should be a fun match, with lots of La Liga connections (and former and perhaps future Villarreal connections too), and then at 7PM EST it's Colombia-Venezuela and Paraguay-Ecuador, with Hernán Pérez and Jefferson Montero capped by their respective countries. 

   As for friendly matches, the USA plays France at I believe 3PM EST today, and tomorrow Spain takes on the England squad, bereft of Wayne Rooney as well as poppies on their jerseys.

  SO....any comments people have about any of these matches, past, present or future Villarreal players, or any others for that matter, comment below!