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Thank you Mr. President

Vila-real resident and long time fan of the club, Enric J. Marti summarizes the interview and his feelings about the current situation the club is in. He also has a few things to say about the Villarreal B striker Joselu, who used to work in his firm before getting into Villarreal C.

We thank Enric for the post and the translation.


Firstly, I would like to talk about Joselu striker of Villarreal B. He is the revelation of the year at Villarreal B and currently the highest scorer of Liga Adelante. Later on I will talk about the interview of our "Boss" Fernando Roig in Radio Vila-real.
Joselu is a product made in the Ciutat Esportiva. He came as young boy and now he is starting to become a real star. That is the Fernando Roig Philosophy: To produce homegrown players, so that the club is economically viable and competitive and only needs to buy only a few players from the market. that has been the first thing F. Roig has told today in our local Radio Vila-real.

F. Roig has a project in his mind; he believes that only the clubs that care take care of their finances, could survive in the future. He has clear ideas about the real world crisis situation and only few clubs could survive the crisis.

The most important things that I can tell to our President is "Chapeau", I mean, Thanks to be here, thanks to be our boss, our inspiration and make us to live this illusion. I agree with all the things that he said. I think that his words should be exposed around all Madrigal Stadium to be read by everyone, in particular by people who are booing and criticizing our coach Garrido.

Our President was very angry about what transpired at El Madrigal last Saturday.  He wanted to tell to everybody that we, the Villarreal CF fans, should be more responsible, grateful and happy with our players and  the coach. He was very disappointed by the "Garrido go home" chants. The first thing is to help our team and Garrido is our coach. He is convinced that Garrido is a very good coach, the best that we can have in the circumstances (and pay) and this behavior does not help our club and players. Moreover, he thinks that supporters must help the players, sing good songs and support Villarreal CF all the time.

He accepts Garrido may not be a humorous or sympathetic, but he is our coach and  his job is to manage the team, that's only the reason he is an employee of the Villarreal CF, and the responsibility if today our team is not scoring and winning is only his responsibility, not Garrido's fault.

Garrido took over the team when it was in a very difficult situation when Valverde was gone. Villarreal CF recovered their identity, classified to play Europa League competition and after that, last season, we were the 4-th team in La Liga competition and we reached the semi-final of Europa League. This was not easy and only good coaches and the best European clubs can say that.

It is a fact that it is very easy to be with the team when the going is good, but real supporters are found when teams are in a bad moment, like we are in now.

He is convinced that this situation could be reversed in short time, because too many players are injured, others do not know how we play because they have been arrived few weeks ago and everybody needs to learn our philosophy. Others may be are not physically in the best moment, but all of this could be solved short time.

The easiest is to criticize, to be against coach. In fact, I think that the first word that Adam learned was to say an insult . The first sentence was to be critical. That's the reason Fernando Roig said that tomorrow October, 6, He will be at Entre Lineas Restaurant (besides Madrigal Stadium) to receive anybody who wanted to tell him a complaint, to manifest a criticism and moreover, if anybody is able to sign he could train the team better than Garrido, he is ready to give him the opportunity to manage the group and shows everybody that can make things better than our coach. But he is conditioning them to warrants results, if not, consequences must be assumed.

Spanish La Liga competition has lost its identity and is not serious about laws and agreements. Atletico de Madrid still has not paid all money of the Godin and Forlan transfers and now are asking for delaying payments. Malaga CF still has not paid IVA (Value Added Tax) and Fernando Roig is very angry about this situation that the most clubs think is normal. On the contrary, Villarreal CF is always fulfilling their commitments and he wants to denounce to LFP every club that is not paying their debts.

Spanish football (soccer) has been living beyond its means and the actual economic crisis has changed our world. This means we must also change, to adjust our budget to the new reality and that means to sell Cazorla, but others clubs like Atletico de Madrid spends  € 40 million with Falcao, while they owe € 100 million in taxes to the Spanish Government. This is ridiculous.

Fernando Roig has emulated JFK when he has said "do not ask what Villarreal CF can do for us,  ask what we can do for Villarreal CF". It was a great moment, because nobody is disposed to help.

Our team has a recent history very important: 9 years in Europe (only Barcelona and Real Madrid has been more years), we have played 3 semi-final European competition, 3 times in Champions. It is very important and only a few European teams can say the same.

I felt very proud of our president, and when he has told that he feels Vila-real is his city, I felt a great emotion, because I am sure Vila-real would be less important and less known without Fernando Roig. So, I want to thank him for all the things he is doing for my city, and for me it is a pity to hear people chanting against coach last Saturday.

Thank you President, it is a pleasure to have you as our Boss.

Enric J. Marti
eConectia Internet Co.

The original interview (in Valencian) can he found here.