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Take a survey for a good cause!!!

Make a difference--take a short survey and help us win $500 for a charity in Vila-real.
Make a difference--take a short survey and help us win $500 for a charity in Vila-real.

Two good causes, actually. 

    Our friends at SB Nation, the community of blogs of which Villarreal USA is a part, have designed a short survey which asks your opinions about SBN as well as some other sites you may use to follow sports.  I took it-- it took about 10 minutes, and the only personal question was what age category you are (and I managed to figure that one out without too much work).  It actually asked some decent questions, unlike a lot of marketing surveys.

    All answers will be kept confidential, and they'll be used to help SBN improve what they do, which helps all of us at Villarreal USA!! (Good cause #1)

    Good Cause #2:  as an incentive to get you to complete the survey, the three blogs with the highest participation rate (percentage of members that complete the survey) will "win" $500, to be given to the charity of the blog's choosing.   (That's right, it's not number of responses, so the biggest blogs won't necessarily win).  We're thinking if enough of us participate so that VillarrealUSA wins one of these prizes, we will donate it to a charity Villarreal CF supports, maybe the one Martijn just raised money for through his sponsored bike ride

   It won't be easy--there are over 300 blogs on SBN competing for these prizes--but wouldn't it be great to win?  Martijn had to pedal over 1200 miles to raise money--all you have to do is take this survey:


Just make sure you say at the start Villarreal USA referred you to the survey, so we get credit for your participation! And make sure you take the survey before 5PM EDT this Friday (October 7).

  And if you are reading this and are not already a member of VillarrealUSA, JOIN US, then take the survey!!  Endavant Villarreal, and let's go Villarreal USA!!