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Perspectives on Our Plight

Game over in 5'.
Game over in 5'.

Two views on Villarreal, the club we know and love. Take a look and share your thoughts below.

Bruno of notasdefutbol praises Sr. Roig for staying out of debt. Some Liga Justa discussion as well, noting the departure of Juan Mata from third-placed Valencia.

With our tough situation in European competition and poor start in La Liga, the author suggests that we need to refocus and lower expectations. Similar to what the boss said in discussing the club's trajectory over the years.

Elena of mercafutbol takes a different approach, focusing on the players. She notes the sale of Santi Cazorla, heightened expectations for Cristián Zapata and Jonathan de Guzmán, and a general drop in performance.

The defense is old (Carlos Marchena), hobbled (Gonzalo Rodríguez), and untested (José Manuel Catalá, Mario Gaspar, Joan Oriol). In the midfield, we are playing below par (Borja Valero), while the attackers are injured (Nilmar, Marco Ruben). The author also criticizes manager Juan Carlos Garrido for turning our team-- driven by the interiores-- into a counterattacking outfit. Expect changes at the helm, in the winter transfer window, or both.

Every time we play Real Madridmore transfer targets are fingered. In addition to Borja and Cazorla, add Mateo Musacchio, Zapata, and even Nilmar. If only the world were a pot of gold.

Transfer rumor of the century: Villarreal will pay €15 million for a player I have never heard of. Now mind you, he sounds pretty good. But we don't have that kind of money to spend on Brazilian attacking midfielder Oscar from Internacional de Porto Alegre. Maybe we'll trade him for Nilmar.

Management's message to Garrido: our patience is finite. But Sr. Roig says that Saturday's visit of Rayo Vallecano is not a final. Famous last words?