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Thread: Villarreal - Levante

Manager Garrido opts for an unchanged XI.
Manager Garrido opts for an unchanged XI.

This is going to be quick, as we're running late.  We do have the Villarreal starting XI, and it's the same as played in Manchester:

Diego López; Zapata, Gonzalo, Marchena, Catalá; Bruno, Borja; Cani, de Guzmán; Pérez, Rossi.

Levante's strategy will doubtless be to defend en masse (and they have plenty of mass!) so let's hope we're able to generate some attacking football and score some goals in the first half.  If we can do that and open the game up, I think we can frustrate the granotes.

I'm surprised Mateo Musacchio hasn't re-entered the lineup, actually. 

The Levante lineup: Munúa; Javi Venta, Ballesteros, Nano, Juanfran; Xavi Torres, Iborra, Valdo, Barkero, Juanlu; Koné.

I did want to mention two game-related bits of news: first, we want to officially welcome Ravi on board as a member of the Villarreal USA management team.  He's been a regular on our podcasts, but will be more involved in writing articles for the site now that maddi has stepped back.  Ravi will do the recap after the match today.

In addition, we have a Villarreal supporter in the ground-- Thomas McIlroy, who I believe is spending a year in Vila-real, living with a local family and learning Spanish while teaching English (he can correct me if I'm wrong!).   He's agreed to write something for us later about what it's like going to a match in Vila-real.  We're hoping to involve more of you in such activities as the year continues.

Hopefully Thomas can bring us three points--that's the main thing.  Endavant Villarreal!