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News Aplenty

First off, VillarrealUSA is proud to join the NewsNow network. This partnership will give our readers access to Villarreal news in English from across the Web.

To our new readers: welcome! We hope to keep you entertained.

Lots of news from the Ciudad Deportiva:

  • For the first time ever, Villarreal CF has 4 players in a Spanish national team squad. That's tied with Real Madrid. Incredible.
  • Marchena and Capdevila were locks, having won the World Cup, and Cazorla was due. But Bruno Soriano, really?
  • El Periódico Mediterráneo had hoped for 5, including Senna and Diego López. Sadly, their time may be done, though Diego is more reliable than Pepe Reina.
  • Speaking of Bruno, he has signed for an additional 4 years. His contract now runs out in 2016, or when Barcelona pays his rescission clause.
  • The B team has made its "last signing" of the offseason: wingback Jaume Costa, on loan from Valencia.
  • And from the "Where are they Now?" files: Ernesto Valverde is being considered for manager of the Japanese national team.

An update on our Europa League opponent to come on Friday.