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Result: Dnepr Mogilev 1-2 Villarreal

I wonder if Belarus is nice in August...the forecast for Thursday says sunny and mid-60s. As maddi noted, better to play there now than in winter proper.

Expect a radically different starting XI from last Thursday's 5-0 romp at El Madrigal. Older players like Capdevila and Senna will be rested. If the B team's campaign did not open on Friday in Valladolid, a few more mainstays could have stayed in Spain. Jozy Altidore featured at the World Cup, but with Nilmar (likely) and Rossi (definitely) on the bench, he should pair with a healthy Marco Ruben in a 4-4-2 alignment.

I'm looking forward to the first European action for a number of last season's B team players, including Cristóbal, Joan Oriol, Juan Carlos, and Matilla. I don't see Catalá and Kiko pairing in central defense, and with Senna resting, either Borja or Bruno has to feature. So at least two regulars should start, if not finish, the match.

Garrido's predicted starting XI: 4-4-2

Juan Carlos

Joan Oriol Musacchio Catalá Mario

Cristóbal Bruno Matilla Montero

Ruben Altidore

Prediction: 1-2 to Villarreal. Goals by Matilla and Ruben. ¡Endavant!