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Borja Valero!

Villarreal's first signing for the 2010-11 season, and it's quite a splash.

According to the club site and Mediterraneo, last season's midfield revelation with Mallorca will be staying on Spanish soil. Premier League side West Bromwich Albion will sell his rights to Villarreal for around 6 million Euros, and Valero will sign a 5-year deal.

Valero is 25 years old, developed in the Real Madrid cantera, and had two spells at Mallorca, one as a signing and last year on loan. He should be loyal to Villarreal to boot. He is a long-term replacement for the aging Senna and will pair with Bruno for years to come in central midfield, bringing back the doble pivote to El Madrigal. Wonderful signing, even if a bit costly. And we stole him right from under Sevilla's nose.

Now hopefully this brings us some luck on the Europa League front with Mallorca. A post on the World Cup 1/2 finals coming tomorrow; stay tuned.