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More Transfer Rumors

A few things have been popping around lately, and a couple of them fall on the Sickening Scale right up there with the Godin to Atletico rumors.

As capercat pointed out, Jozy could be on his way to Ajax. Apparently they have made an offer to take him on loan for the year, but Villarreal have determined that his future is not with the club and want an offer to purchase. It has been an up and down ride for him with the Yellow Submarine. I hope for his sake that this gets worked out one way or another.

Santi Cazorla has also been linked to Atletico Madrid. Stop it. Seriously, just stop it. These moves should never, ever happen. And I don't think that the Cazorla thing has much of a chance. But even if we need the money, you can't tell me that the club couldn't find at least a similar offer for the likes of Godin or Cazorla elsewhere, where it won't give firepower to the likes of Atletico. And, just to refresh my recollection, didn't Cazorla turn down a move to Real Madrid recently?

There are also rumors out there that Barcelona could be looking the way of Bruno, as a couple of bigger-name defensive midfielders, such as Javier Mascherano, have become too expensive. This is the first rumor I have ever seen (I think) for pulling Bruno away from the club. I would be shocked if an offer came in. But if it did and the price offered was 10m euros, I would be even more shocked if both Villarreal and Bruno didn't jump at it.

And lastly, the Rossi-to-Italy rumors continue, with Inter being the club mentioned this time. The idea is that he would be called in to replace Mario Balotelli. I do not know if the rumor is based in any sort of fact, but I would think that Rossi could not turn down an offer from Inter. Hopefully he'll stay, but we will see.