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Update from Spain

Capdevila, Champion

(from The Province and Getty Images)

Here's how the top two flights in Spanish football stack up for next season.

Down to Segunda A: Valladolid, Tenerife, Xerez
Up to Primera: Real Sociedad, Hercules, Levante
Down to Segunda B: Castellon, Real Union de Irun, Murcia, Cadiz
Up to Segunda A: Granada, Ponferradina, Barcelona B, Alcorcon

The Primera loses teams from the north, south, and Canary Islands, while adding two from the Comunitat Valenciana and rekindling the Basque derby.

The Segunda loses our local rivals and our namesake, and we are no longer the only filial in the division. What a year for Alcorcon: humble Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey, then ascend to professional football. A wonderful story.

Now some Villarreal news:

  • Europa League decision on Thursday. Fingers crossed (for monetary reasons).
  • Will 3 competitions fund another signing? We had a bloated squad last year, and it was a failure, so I'm up for something different.
  • Speaking of transfers, is Carlos Marchena worth more than 2 million Euros? Yes: if Godin leaves and to weaken Valencia. No: he'll be 31 and has only 1 year left on his contract. The verdict: I'd take him at this price.
  • More on the B team's new signings.
  • And most importantly, Shakira wants a photo with Capdevila. Who doesn't?