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Open Letter to Sr. Roig

Estimado Sr. Roig,

We, the members of the VillarrealUSA penya, are true fans of the club. I learned of the club through the exploits of Juan Román Riquelme and Diego Forlán, relished in the two Champions League runs and subcampeonato in La Liga, and have lived through this season of turmoil, both on (the tenure of Ernesto Valverde) and off the pitch (player departures and economic struggles). As fans of a provincial club half a world away, know that you always can count on our support.

We write today about the recent reports of financial problems at Villarreal CF. The media has written about issues of accounting, mounting debt, and difficulties in paying players. We believe your past statements that the club's finances are OK. But if there are financial issues, we support any efforts to balance the books as soon as possible.

As a credit to your transfer policies, a number of A team players would be very attractive to the top teams in Europe. It will hurt to sell great players and see them take the pitch in another club’s colors, but we understand that, in order to balance the books, selling some of our squad may be necessary.

Villarreal CF is a model for smaller European clubs for two main reasons: the academy system and the ability to make good business deals. That the B team is the only filial in Segunda A is very impressive, and it is great to see C team players joining the ranks of Paco Herrera's side. With this experience, a number of these players are ready for the Primera today, and many others are close behind. Next season could be high time for them to make the jump. We would be fully behind this changing of the guard at the club.

We know that you may take a beating in the press. Some will say that Villarreal's glory is past. That the club is on its way back to the Tercera Regional. That fans will stop coming to El Madrigal. That the team cannot survive without its core players.

But these same naysayers thought a filial could not succeed in the Segunda. That Real Madrid and Barcelona always would finish 1-2 in La Liga. That a smaller club could not make the Champions League semifinals. That such a club could not have worldwide support. Villarreal CF has proven the prognosticators wrong every time.

Thank you for listening to our ideas. Know that we will stick with the club in good times and bad. Now and forever: Endavant Villarreal!


--sidarth, VillarrealUSA penya