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World Cup Day 10 Recap

On the tenth day, I rested. But I didn't miss the matches. Quick recaps:

Slovakia 0-2 Paraguay: Paraguay was in control from start to finish. An impressive showing by a team that should top its group.

Italy 1-1 New Zealand: Another shock by the Kiwis. In the worst officiated match so far (and that's saying something), Italy converted a dubious penalty and was fouled 25 times to New Zealand's 11. Shots were 23-3 to the Azzurri, but all 3 nearly beat backup Federico Marchetti (otf broke a lamp on a near-miss). Still all to play for in Group F.

Brazil 3-1 Cote d'Ivoire: This match was closer than the final score, but the selecao definitely displayed the jogo bonito. Lille's Gervinho was a sparkplug for the Elephants; too bad he only came on at 2:0.

Villarreal watch: Nilmar did not play in Brazil's 3-1 win, but with Kaka's red card and the resulting one-match suspension, he should get a chance against Portugal on Friday.

And some highlights from Villarreal B 1-2 Salamanca: