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A Few Notes

Marcos Senna is reportedly in the sights of Saudi Arabian side Al-Ahly. The side would be willing to offer him, according to the report, 3 million euros a year, untaxed. Not a bad deal. If this is true, you would have to think that he would consider it. A lot of money and guaranteed playing time on the Arabian peninsula, versus a smaller paycheck and a diminishing amount of time on the pitch in Vila-real. Villarreal would have to consider the leadership he provides, though, especially with so many young players coming through the ranks come August.

AC Milan is apparently interested in Gonzalo. That would be shocking to me. My thought is that most likely, the reporter screwed up, heard that AC Milan was interested in Godin, and got confused with two many Gs. It happens to the best of us.

There are rumors out there that Villarreal could go after Barcelona's Brazilian youngster Kerrison, who has recently been loaned out to Fiorentina. He made ten appearances since the loan to Fiorentina began in January, scoring two goals.

We are also rumored to be interested in Totenham Hotspur midfielder Adel Tarrabt.

It is basically official now, that Joseba Llorente has moved on to Real Sociedad. The club got 2.5m euros for him, and will save 1m per year on his salary, through the last two years of his contract. Joseba was a great guy and a gutsy player. I wish him well.

Villarreal will find out by next Friday whether the Spanish football federation RFEF will revoke Mallorca's ticket to the Europa League, in which case Villarreal would be the beneficiary. Hopefully we will have this settled soon, so the club can better plan for the summer. As of right now, the club is set to be in Ireland in July, and Oliva for the month of August. Schedules could change if the club were put into early Europa action.