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News and Notes

Ssome Villarreal news: According to the always-reliable (that should be obvious sarcasm...), Giuseppe Rossi and Nilmar have "agreed to stay" with Villarreal for another year. Now, obviously that would be great (assuming we could afford their salaries), but I have no idea how it just so happened that they have both decided this, and it just so happens to be reported in one "article", considering the fact that Giuseppe is enjoying a summer off, and Nilmar is a bit busy down in South Africa. Nevertheless, I would be remiss not to at least mention it.

As for former Villarreal players, in a shocking move, Juan Roman Riquelme is apparently going to sign for West Ham United. Talk about news that makes basically no sense. Riquelme, one of the neediest and choosiest players you will ever meet, hates to be away from his family, and has never shown any real desire to play in England that I know of, seems an odd fit for the Hammers. But hey, who knows, maybe it could work for him.

Villarreal watch: Nilmar made a 12-minute cameo in the selecao's 2-1 win over North Korea. Kaka (whom he replaced), Luis Fabiano, and Robinho were Dunga's preferred triumvirate up front.

As for the World Cup: Tomorrow should be a sparkling day in South Africa, with some teams sporting offensive firepower getting started. It is also the beginning of the second round of the Group Stage.