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World Cup Day 4 Match Thread

As a disclaimer, Group E is my least favorite of the 8. Holland is going to win it, and it makes no difference who comes in second, as they have no chance of advancing past the Group F winner in the round of 16.

Netherlands 2-0 Denmark: I know I'm posting this after the match has ended, but we all knew what the outcome would be. No opening match shock for a darkhorse to win it all.

Japan 1-0 Cameroon: Could be interesting, but who cares. The lone point of intrigue for me is how Samuel Eto'o interacts with his teammates after threatening to walk out on them.

Italy 1-1 Paraguay: Finally a real match. I expect big things of the Paraguayans in South Africa, even though they left out Hernan Perez (I'm joking). Can the isolationist Italians (no Rossi due to a Serie A only policy) reach anywhere near the heights of Germany 2006? For the sake of football, let's hope not.

And finally, a quick highlight from Numancia 1-0 Villarreal B: