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Villarreal Legend Robert Pires Released

Robert Pires

Villarreal hero Robert Pires will be playing for another team next season. I know I am not merely speaking for myself when I say that Villarreal fans will miss him.

Speaking to the media, he said, "I spoke with the club yesterday and they told me they weren’t going to keep me on because they were changing their philosophy for next year. I accept the decision because I knew my adventure at Villarreal would have to end one day. I am pleased to have been able to play in the Spanish league before retiring, and want to thank the club and the fans."

I am saddened by the loss, but it is an understandable move by Villarreal. It also is likely the best outcome for Pires. His playing time had dwindled significantly this term, and next season were he around, he would likely be surrounded by many new faces as some of our most high profile names are linked away from the club.

VillarrealUSA will always hold Pires in a place of honor. If the rumors of his futbol adventure continuing in the States, I look forward to inviting him to watch a Villarreal match with members of the VillarrealUSA penya. Having met him in November, he is a class act, and may just be willing to join us for a beer and some Yellow Submarine viewing.

Endavant Robert!