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Champions League Match Thread...

and some other things.

First off, this is a pretty awesome video linked by Nick:

Villarreal is challenging their exclusion from Europe, and has already filed paperwork with UEFA to get the process going. Fernando Roig is confident of a positive outcome. He said that UEFA sent him a letter earlier this month, informing him that a seventh-placed finish would qualify the club for the Europa League. The RFEF will be supporting Villarreal's challenge, which has to be helpful.

Roig also commented on a couple of other things of note.

  • He said that the officiating seemed partial against Villarreal this season, and that they would look into it further.
  • He said, referring to del Bosque's exclusion of Cazorla, Senna, and Diego Lopez: "Para los jugadores es un palo, pero también hay que pensar en la parte positiva y podrán estar más frescos y descansados, aunque creo que deberían haber ido los tres." For those who would like a rough translation, he thinks that it is unfortunate for the three, and that they should have been included, but that there are some positives for the club, namely that the players will return rested and fresh.
  • There is going to be some restructuring at the club next week, but nothing unusual. He said as a result, Fernando Roig Nerugules would have more power in the organization.
  • And lastly, he asked that the fans stay by the club's side through this time of economic trouble. Sidarth has been working hard on something that we will be putting out on here before long, doing just that.

Philadelphia is none too happy with comments from Bobby Pires, who found that the city was not "charming" enough for him. First off, perhaps he should come play in Charm City for Crystal Palace USA! Plenty of charm in Baltimore! But really, I hope he isn't serious about retiring, but I understand his not wanting to move his family to a place he isn't thrilled about at this stage in his career (although Philly really isn't all that bad, Robert!). Regardless, I would love to see him in the US plying his trade somewhere. And he is a great guy, based on my brief time meeting him - I feel sure he might come down for a VillarrealUSA Penya gathering to watch a match!