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Tuesday Morning Thoughts

I know this is a little haphazard, but it is quite early in the morning, and I am yet to have coffee....

I definitely never expected this season to end with me cheering for Sevilla in the Copa for a chance at anything worthwhile. That speaks volumes about where the club has come and gone over the last 12 months, from the hiring of Valverde to the complete loss of confidence throughout the season, to the dreadful away form. It has been a rough year.

I believe - and correct me if I am wrong - that there was still one other possibility at Europe, even were Atletico to win tomorrow, which disappeared yesterday. There were reports that Mallorca was facing potential relegation due to financial woes, and that it could not be qualified for Europe. That would have drawn us up into their European spot, I think. However, yesterday they managed to be granted a license to play in the Europa League, taking that unlikelihood off the table. I guess that would have been grasping at straws anyway. Kind of like the 2009-2010 season, eh?

One thing we learned, we have to revamp our defense. Javi Venta has played his last with Villarreal. Marcano could be on his way out. Diego Godin might be on his way to Italy. It is likely we have seen the last of Diego Lopez in yellow. These changes might be an opportunity at a fresh start, though. As Kenez pointed out, just since the arrival of Garrido, we have given up 27 goals away from home, a pretty incredible number. All of that being said, the club is rumored to be going after José Ángel, a fullback from Sporting Gijon. I know next to nothing about him, other than the fact that he is only 20. Does anyone else have any information on him, or the likelihood of this happening?