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Midweek Europa Update

Atletico managed to pull out a last gasp winner just before the extra-time match would have required penalties, thanks to Forlan's second of the night. Although I despise Atletico (not quite as much as Valencia and Madrid, but close), I have to say congratulations, and thanks for representing La Liga.

And, contrary to Sidarth's comments in the previous post, I have a different theory on how Villarreal would still make it to Europa next year, modified slightly from a another friend's theory (no offense, Sidarth!).

As Atleti won, Villarreal could theoretically already have qualified for Europa. Atletico now have secured their place in Europa next year. As the final of the Copa is between Atletico and Sevilla involves two teams who have already qualified for Europe, UEFA could allow the spot reserved for the Copa winner to go to the seventh place team.

Is this right? Does anyone have any better thoughts on the matter?

And in an interesting if not expected news article, Florentino Perez is apparently done with Pellegrini, making way for Jose Mourinho. So what happens to Pellegrini now?