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VillarrealUSA Match Gathering This Saturday!

Anyone in the DC region, you have no excuse! Plan on meeting up with Sidarth, myself, and a number of other Villarreal supporters to watch the weekend's match against Sporting at the Babylon Futbol Cafe just southwest of Washington DC. The match starts at 2pm, so show up a few minutes early, grab a beer (or your drink of choice), and meet some fellow Villarreal fans.

It should be a great time, and a number of people will be sticking around to watch the Madrid-Barcelona match afterwards. I would put up a map to the location, but googlemaps is having some trouble tonight.

Updates to come tomorrow morning....

Let's show DC that Villarreal has a following here! Endavant!

And here are some Villarreal B, I mean Jefferson Montero, highlights for your viewing pleasure. A 2-2 draw with Real Betis isn't half bad.