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Highlights: Valladolid 0-2 Villarreal

A huge win for the Yellow Submarine, as they finally appear to be getting a little momentum. Sure, Valladolid were not anywhere near the top of La Liga, but we were away to the Pucela, making it incredibly valuable. Villarreal managed to take all the points away from El Madrigal for only the second time this season.

With the win, Villarreal climb to within five - yes, you read that correctly, five - points of a Champions League position, and a mere two points out of a Europa League spot. Surely, Fernando Roig and the board of directors are praying for a continued run of positive results so that we can make some form of European adventure a reality for next season. For the good of the club, both in terms of reputation and pocketbook, it is vital.

Enjoy the highlights. What a goal by Angel! And Nilmar does what Nilmar does best.