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Midweek Injury Update

Gonzalo and Marcos Senna both strained hamstrings against Getafe. In good news for Villarreal, Gonzalo is moving quickly towards recovery, and could be available for this weekend's match in Santander.

Marcos Senna, unfortunately, is recovering more slowly. Although there still is some possibility that he could be ready to go this weekend, it is much less likely.

Also, Musacchio broke a finger, presumably in the last match, but I am not sure. This shouldn't prevent him from playing if Gonzalo is able to go. He has been training normally with the first team.

In other news if you are interested, Garrido was fined 600 euros in conjunction with his sending off against Atletico Madrid. If you haven't seen the video of his reaction to the five minutes of stoppage time that were allowed which led to his sending, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Also, the other day I mentioned that Rossi was linked to Napoli. Well, as usually is the case, his agent said that this was not the case, and that a move there was highly unlikely.