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Midweek News

Just a few things to update.

Diego Lopez swears that he has heard nothing about moving on. He also says that he hasn't heard anything about any other players leaving. It is a fairly typical response from someone midseason, but there is some good stuff in this interview with Javi Mata.

Robert Pires does not know what his future holds, but apparently he hopes to stay with Villarreal. His other options are to return to France or to retire, but he says he is happy with the club, and is even willing to take a pay cut to stay with the team. Pires is a great guy to have on your team for many reasons - leadership, skills, and publicity - so I am all for keeping him around as long as he still has the desire to get out on the pitch. I think he still has a lot to offer, even if he is getting past his prime.

Villarreal are apparently ready to confirm Garrido as head coach for next season, having been generally happy with the turnaround he has brought about. I think this is a positive move. Sure, he has not won every match since he came on, but he brought back quality football, and he clearly is getting more out of the players. This is his first top-flight gig, and I am very interested to see what he can do with an offseason and an entire season to work with.

Giuseppe Rossi will be on his way out this offseason - we all know it, sans some miraculous change in the economy and Villarreal's Liga standing. The question is, where is he going? Most people have comfortably narrowed it down to somewhere in Italy, with the likes of Juve, Genoa, Napoli, and Milan tossed about as possible destinations. Well, if you are going to believe club president Enrico Preziosi, it will not be the Genoa Cricket and Football Club.