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Highlights: Villarreal 3-0 Sevilla, Castellon 3-2 Villarreal B

Our up-and-down season continues, this time in a good way. In the game thread, I hardly could fault any of our starting XI. The defense was very solid, save for a Luis Fabiano 1v1 which he ballooned over, the midfield was productive, and all three strikers contributed in their own ways.

Great win; now we have to keep the momentum going at the Nuevo Jose Zorrilla, a tough ground for Villarreal, against a desperate Valladolid side. Then a home game against Sporting, who are awful away from El Molinon. With at least 4 points from the next 6, we will be in with a chance for Europe.

Always tough to lose a derbi, but you have to admire the fight in our filial. I'm sure the Castalia was nervous after the Joan Tomas brace, but Castellon needed the points more. And how about that penalty a la Panenka! The most audacious example was by Zinedine Zidane in the 2006 World Cup final. Joan Tomas tried one earlier this season but failed to convert, as the keeper did not commit early and caught it. Looks dumb when it fails, but true class when executed properly. Golazo!

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