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Highlights: Tenerife 2-2 Villarreal

At least we got 1 point: from watching the highlights, it could have been 0. What class from Rossi, and a very touching moment for him to point to the sky at his father. That's the player we are used to. Good for Nilmar to continue his 'buena racha' as well.

But what a nightmare for Joan Capdevila (on a milestone day). In every Tenerife highlight, he was at fault. Beaten by Nino on an early chance and the first goal, nearly scored an own goal, and made a horrendous clearance to give up the second. Maybe he needs a rest, but can we afford Marcano in the lineup against Sevilla? Let's hope Joan Oriol is ready next season.

Some links for your reading pleasure:

  • Game recaps from the club website, Soccernet, and AS.
  • Garrido subbed out Fuster and Senna due to fatigue. We need younger midfielders.
  • B teamers Juan Carlos and Hernan Perez have knocks, but both should be available for Saturday's regional derbi against Castellon.