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Highlights: Mallorca 1-0 Villarreal

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Not too much to see here (thanks to VanHerLaLiga), so consider this an open thread to discuss your thoughts on game 1 of the Garrido era. I'd call the formation a mishmash of Pellegrini's 4-4-2 and Valverde's 4-2-3-1; in sum, it was not very effective. Fuster is good at the punta but not in Cani's midfield position; he was out of place with 2 strikers in front of him. Nilmar and Llorente are our best aerial threats up front, but they didn't see much service from the wingers. And I don't think they pair well together.

Some articles to waste time at work on a Monday:

  • The new manager is thinking positive. That's a nice change. And hey, no dour expressions!
  • This year's revelation (Fuster) and regression (Gonzalo) like what they saw in Mallorca. I'm glad someone did.
  • The B team's Cristobal is on cloud nine. If Jefferson Montero set me up that nicely, I would be too.
  • Game stories from the club website, Marca, and EFE.
  • Opinion piece from the Mediterraneo. Did you know that Garrido is more like Pellegrini than Valverde? Haven't heard that one before.