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Musacc to my ears and more pun-ishment?

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It's hard to find positive stuff to talk about at the moment but I feel that Mateo Musacchio has to be singled out for praise. Yes he was part of a backline that conceded 6 but I couldn't really fault him for any, a few were scored whilst we were playing with a back three. A number of times he dealt very well with Higuain, he seemed calm and composed on the ball in comparison with Marcano. His performance for a debut in the Bernabeu was exceptional in my opinion and I will go ahead and say that I want him and Godin as a partnership for the rest of the year. A new right back is clearly needed, Venta, great servant as he's been doesn't have the pace any more. Angel always seems like a bit of a nutcase to me and only ever plays in flashes. We were rumored to be looking at Azpiculeata (sp) from Osasuna who is a tidy up and coming full back so hopefully we will make some moves in the summer. Rafinha is reportedly unsettled at Schalke and he would be a fantastic signing for right back. Back to Mateo, he's got class, real class.

Jacksons post in the last thread gave me an idea. Since there's been a lot of doom and gloom around recently I think we should have something to lighten the mood.
Now we have all read the puns relating to our clubs nickname. We are lucky that we have been blessed with such a pun friendly name. Surely the possibilities are endless! I think we can come up with far more than 'the sub is sinking'. There are a vast array of nautical terms that could be put to good use. In short I think we should all try and come up with a new good pun each week. Just for fun, I for one am sick of the same ones being used in news reports around the web! Be inventive and lets see what we can come up with! Let me know what you think or is this idea just dead in the water? (pun very much intended)

Now on a much more sombre note, I would again like to offer my condolences to the Rossi family. I hope Giuseppe gets through this tough time and comes out a stronger person. We're all behind you! Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.