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Highlights: Real Madrid 6-2 Villarreal, Villarreal 2-2 Wolfsburg

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Ugly game yesterday, and Madrid could have scored a few more. Funny game, football. Hope we can regroup quickly, as it's a big week ahead. Positive image left by our B team players, on the whole. The A team defenders, not so much. Game recaps from the club website and Marca.

Our best performers mid-week were Ibagaza (in the first half), Senna, and Capdevila. Nilmar had his usual moments. Angel and Marcano were generally poor, while Bruno and Llorente looked lost. That leaves Pires, Godin, and Diego Lopez, who were OK. If you have 4 good, 4 bad, and 3 OK players, it's hard to earn 3 points.

But interestingly, and Garrido agrees with me, the goals all came against the run of play. Despite Marcano's stupidity, and thanks to Llorente's hustle and Ruben's finish, we are in with a chance in the second leg. Just like last year in Greece, it will take a 1-2 scoreline, as we cannot keep a clean sheet.

Villarreal v VfL Wolfsburg

The B team was without six starters on Saturday: Kiko, Matilla, Musacchio, and Ruben, all with the A team; Juan Carlos, suspended; and Joan Oriol, injured. Nevertheless, they pulled out a last-minute 1-1 draw with Recreativo Huelva. Joan Tomas converted a late penalty to share the spoils. Well done, boys. Highlights from Marca here.