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Updates Abound

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Lots of stuff in the news today.

First, as has been noted, you can all put that smile back on your face - Juan Carlos Garrido has been officially named the Villarreal head coach for the next six months. I am sure he will be given an opportunity to stay around if he can move things in the right direction, but right now it is just a temporary gig.

Interestingly, Fernando Roig spoke to the players before officially giving Valverde the axe. I doubt that the conversation was determinative, but it seems pretty clear that Valverde could not have had that much support in the locker room at this point. A number of players had been more or less calling for a change, and it looks like the feeling was at least somewhat widely held.

On less happy news, we have poor, poor Sebastian Eguren. Someone please correct me if I am reading this wrong, but it looks like Eguren is signed with Lazio, but they may have no plans to use him. The Italian team just signed Thomas Hitzlsperger as their apparent efforts to avoid keeping Eguren were in play, and now it looks like Eguren might be hopeless for six months. He will be given an opportunity to get his blood pressure down - if that really is an issue at all - but you have to feel terrible for the guy. Hopefully all of this is rumors and things can work out. I would be happy to see him back at Villarreal, but it looks like that ship might have sailed.

For those of you wondering why Valverde went without Rossi, perhaps that wasn't all his fault. Apparently Rossi came down with a case of the flu and couldn't go the full 90. Who knows how having Giuseppe start would have changed the game? It looks like, from the opinion expressed at this site at least, that it might have been the best thing to happen for the club's future.

Injury-wise, it looks like Javi Venta will be available for the Yellow Submarine when they travel to the island of Mallorca this weekend. His hamstring is getting back to 100 percent, and he hopes to be ready to go.

And as a side note regarding the website, VillarrealUSA is now into its 25th month of existence (if you go into the archives, there are a few posts that I lost due to server problems in the beginning). The site now consists of over 800 posts and over 4,700 comments. Thanks for all of your contributions to the quality of the site! ENDAVANT!