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Highlights: Villarreal 2-1 Athletic, Hercules 4-2 Villarreal B

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Lots to see in this match (thanks to VanHerLaLiga). What a penalty save by Diego Lopez. Iraola did not strike it well, but it's rare for a goalie nowadays to save a penalty without cheating off his line. And Lopez was in place until the last second. Kudos to him; those 3 points were vital. Also good work by Fuster and our goal machine Nilmar.

After watching these highlights (thanks to LigaAdelante), I wish there had been a stream of the B team game. Our backup goalie Vicente Flor gifted Hercules 2 goals, but Jefferson Montero was splendid. What a move to beat a defender down the byline, and what a sensational goal (off a great pass from Joan Tomas). Turn the defender inside and out, cut back inside, then hammer the ball past a dazed keeper. Next year (and his Spanish citizenship) cannot come soon enough. La Liga, you are on notice.

Monday news round-up:

EDIT- A few more links:

  • Godin and Cani on the match.
  • Scoring a goal earns you a high rating from So does saving a penalty and being awesome (Fuster, Matilla).
  • Gonzalo is out 2-3 weeks; torn muscle in his left leg. Fuster will be a game-time decision for Thursday.