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El Submarino Amarillo Abroad

Below is the schedule for the A team's 8 internationals (including late additions Borja and Bruno, plus the B team's Hernán Pérez). Altidore (United States), Nilmar (Brazil), and Pérez (Paraguay) will play in friendlies, while the Spanish 5 of Borja, Bruno, Capdevila, Cazorla, and Marchena, along with Rossi (Italy), have Euro 2012 qualifiers.

Thursday, October 7:

  • Nilmar, Friendly vs. Iran

Friday, October 8:

  • Rossi, Euro 2012 qualifier at Northern Ireland
  • Borja/Bruno/Capdevila/Cazorla/Marchena, Euro 2012 qualifier vs. Lithuania

Saturday, October 9:

  • Pérez, Friendly vs. Australia
  • Altidore, Friendly vs. Poland

Monday, October 11:

  • Nilmar, Friendly vs. Ukraine

Tuesday, October 12:

  • Pérez, Friendly vs. New Zealand
  • Rossi, Euro 2012 qualifier vs. Serbia
  • Borja/Bruno/Capdevila/Cazorla/Marchena, Euro 2012 qualifier at Scotland
  • Altidore, Friendly vs. Colombia

Jefferson Montero misses out for Ecuador due to a document issue (the same reason he did not play in the Tottenham preseason friendly). Immigration laws these days...

Anyhow, best of luck to all. Represent the club well, and most importantly, come back injury-free. This is an open thread to discuss the matches over the next few days. Endavant Villarreal!