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Valverde is OUT

I think everyone is breathing a sigh of relief at this one. Ernesto Valverde has been fired after a horrible performance by Villarreal, losing 0-2 to a middle-of-the-pack Osasuna side. The team looked like it had no confidence at all, and the entire stadium was reverberating with whistles. Fernando Roig and Jose Manuel Llaneza finally came to the point that they could not let the momentum towards middling that Villarreal had developed to pull the club any further down.

At this point, Villarreal do not have a new manager, but have put Garrido, manager of the B team, in charge. If he does well, I could see him getting the job permanently, considering what he has done with the B team. More to come, for sure....

EDIT (by sidarth): I think I know how our readers feel, but here is a poll from Marca. Interesting results so far...for the record, I voted yes. And not because of the Osasuna home loss; I have a lot more respect for that side than many do.

However, with all of the hopes placed on winning the club's first major title and the favorable draw, losing to Celta Vigo over 2 legs in the Copa del Rey 1/8 finals was unpardonable. How can you lose 0-1 at home with a full 'A' team squad when the 'B' team had won 0-2 in Vigo? If the coach is unable to win against lower-division opposition AND is not developing our younger players (who are pretty good, by the way), then he's not doing his job. Adios, Ernesto.