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Eguren's Future Up In the Air

We at VillarrealUSA thought that Sebastian Eguren was happily on his way to Lazio. As did he. As did Villarreal. And, we think, as did Lazio.

But that might not be the case. There are reports that he has failed a medical examination because of high blood pressure, and that he may be returning to eastern Spain where his situation would not work for anyone. Lazio would be out a midfielder they need. Villarreal would be with a midfielder that (unfortunately) they do not want. Eguren would be looking at a severely diminished chance of finding his role into Uruguay's World Cup squad for lack of playing time.

But Villarreal are denying that he is coming back. So, as of right now, I do not know if anyone knows what is going to happen. We'll do our best to keep the situation updated here.

Match preview to come later tonight.