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Cazorla Out, And Other Subjects

It has been discussed in the comments below, but Santi Cazorla is facing four to five weeks out after tearing his right hamstring. He is set to miss matches against Osasuna, Mallorca, Bilbao, Madrid, and possibly Deportivo. As we have already demonstrated, that is not an easy stretch even when at full strength.

David Fuster is recovering from the flu and is expected to be ready to go for Sunday's match against Osasuna.

Javi Venta is getting close to being back at 100 percent, but is not expected to be ready for Sunday's match.

In other news, La Liga will shortly begin to play matches on Mondays. This could be a great thing for those watching in the States, as theoretically it opens up another possible TV slot - and clears up the current mass of matches that starts the Sunday matchday.

Thanks to Kenez, here is the squad for tomorrow's B Team match against locals Levante:

Keepers: Juan Carlos & Vicente Flor.
Defenders: Mario, Kiko, Musacchio, Carlos Tomás, Catalá & Ángel.
Midfield: Matilla, Natxo Insa, David Lázaro, Felipe Manoel, Jefferson Montero, Hernán Pérez & Cristóbal.
Forwards: Joan Tomás, Gerard & Marco Ruben.

Levante sit in 8th place, three points behind Villarreal B. The match is in Valencia; hopefully the Villarreal boys will put on a better show than the A team's last trip south.

Marco Ruben is in the squad. I hope he will be able to shrug off his disappointment at not making it to England during the break and will come out ready to prove a point. But, according to some reports, a few English Premiership scouts will be in the stands in Valencia tomorrow. So that might not be over just yet.