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Ruben stays, Eguren goes. We think.

Villarreal CF may not be a selling club after all...

At the time of this post, it seemed that Argentine striker Marco Ruben was on his way to Wigan Athletic in the English Premier League. Following the rumors in Marca, he was dropped from the B team squad for the 2-4 victory over Salamanca. Then he praised Wigan's Spanish-speaking coach and Central and South American players. But then the transfer got bogged down in the details. Well, it looks like those details were enough to keep him on Spanish soil.

So what does this mean for Ruben's future? Does he move up to the A team now that he is a hot commodity? Or does he remain on the B team to keep a lower profile? I'd like him as the A team's fourth striker, but if he's going to play as little as Jony Pereira did, then it makes no sense. Hopefully the B team gets to safety soon--they're well on their way--and then we can see the cantera in the Primera.

At the same time, Sebastian Eguren should be on his way to Italy. Lazio gets the Uruguayan midfielder (don't call him a center back) on a six-month loan with an option to purchase. We get 700k euros for the loan and from 3.5 to 4 million euros if Lazio buys. I consider him a Pellegrini reclamation project; he doesn't fit many coaches' systems. I hope he makes Uruguay's World Cup squad, as that's his logic for the move.

As for Villarreal, I'll take the money and live with Bruno's growing pains. He has to get a chance sometime. And with Senna's decline, we need to know now if Bruno is capable in central midfield. After that, Matilla and Marcos Gullon deserve an extended look.

EDIT: And it's official, Eguren to Lazio. I know it's a standard press release, but it sure sounds like he's not coming back. Best wishes to him.