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Injury Update

There has definitely been a lull lately, as the team has been broken up for the international fixtures, but Villarreal should be coming back together at nearly full strength for the weekend.

Gonzalo returned to practice on Tuesday, basically working at full strength. He is not yet confirmed for the weekend match against Mallorca in El Madrigal, but he is looking like a likely inclusion.

Ivan Marcano has begun to train again, but not yet with the team. His return to the squad will be Thursday, which will make it a very close call as to whether he will be available for the weekend. It is almost certain he wouldn't start, but having him in reserve would be nice for the confidence factor.

Having a healthy team is vital over the next few weeks. Villarreal plays seven matches between this weekend and October 4th.

There is no indication yet which games will be aired, but ESPN360 has three Liga matches scheduled, and GolTV is bound to show at least two, if not three, so there is a good chance at catching the match live on television this weekend.

Oh, and for those who are interested in this sort of thing, has completed its move to a new host company, so the repeated interruptions the site had been experiencing should be a thing of the past!