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Match Thread: Depor - Villarreal

The match is on GolTV at 3pm eastern, and should be available at as well. ENDAVANT!

Lineup was almost right: Lopez; Venta, Marcano, Godin, Capdevila; Cani, Senna, Eguren, Cazorla; Rossi, Llorente.

8' 1-0. Unstoppable free kick off the inside of the post by Deportivo, and Villarreal find themselves down a goal at 8 minutes. Not sure if anyone could have topped that, but admittedly the wall separated a bit on the jump. Eguren set it up with a foul after getting beat on a cutback by Deportivo's leftback.

13' I am about to turn the match on silent. Hudson and Schoen have no idea what they are talking about.

17' Goalscorer Duca is substituted off because of injury.

20' Marcano tripped into the Deportivo player and picked up a yellow.

21' Godin comes down hard and looks like he might be seriously injured. We don't have a backup central defender, so if he is hurt, it will probably have to be Eguren sliding back with Bruno coming in form him. He seems to be walking it off, though.

28' Sparkling moves by Capdevila to get it out of trouble in the corner.

34' Godin is out, meaning Bruno is in Eguren's spot, and Eguren is in central defense. Valverde's decision making suddenly seems even more suspect. What's crazy (and scary) is that it looks like Godin left because of his right ankle, which is not the original ankle he hurt.

37' I agree with you Kqql. Cani looks lost out there. Perhaps Cazorla should be pushed right and Cani moved back to the left?

39' Should be 2-0, as Deportivo worked it all the way down the field to a one-on-one with Diego Lopez, and then dinked a slow roller into Diego's arms.

42' Yellow for Cani. Villarreal are getting frustrated, and Deportivo are taking advantage with some cheap dives.

44' Cani needs to come off at the half. He is doing nothing unless he is screwing something up.

HT: 1-0. Nothing inspiring from Villarreal yet. And Phil Schoen keeps saying we played well against Bilbao. He is an idiot.

47' Llorente's header looked like it should have been counted as a goal. It was close on the shot, not sure if it crossed the line or not. Good start from Villarreal.

61' Yellow for Lopo as he chops down Nilmar on the break.

50' Great work from Cazorla to set up his own shot, which was well taken but well saved.

52' More good work from Cazorla to lead to his own shot, after some excellent buildup. We are four or five minutes from a goal.

53' Senna with a nice dipping shot, leading to a GK fumble, pushed out for a corner.

56' Rossi gets fed up and starts taking apart the stadium, bit by bit. Nilmar comes in for Llorente, who played well. Not sure if he should have come out there.

57' Senna with a questionable decision to take a shot from distance, but at least we are going after the goal. Our momentum has ebbed a bit, though.

59' Rossi with a hard shot off the turn, but it goes across the face and no one is there to push it in.

66' Capdevila was in perfect position to keep the match 1-0. Although he didn't get to the ball, he kept the Deportivo striker from reaching it.

68' We have no height in front of goal which is hurting us.

72' Huge save by Lopez.

73' Pires in for Cani. Should have happened a while ago.

75' Indirect kick for Villarreal from inside the box as the keeper held the ball too long in the box. Strange.

76' Yellow for Pires for who knows what as he hesitates from kicking the ball because Guardado was jumping off the wall. Indirect kick leads to a corner that leads nowhere. This is getting way too late in the match.

81' I think part of our problem might be the horrible body language of Valverde. How could our players possibly take confidence from him when he constantly looks like his dog just died?

83' Our offense has gone silent since Llorente went out. Bad decision by Valverde.

86' Absolutely amazing foot save from Lopez on a one-on-one break by Deportivo.

90' This one looks to be over...three minutes of stoppage time.

90'+ Genius Phil is putting Deportivo in the Champions League. Well, they were better than us today. Match over.

Is it time for Ernesto Valverde to be shown the door? I think it might be. My concern is that the Villarreal board, being the small club that they are, might not have the finances or the guts to make the change this early. This is getting embarrassing, though. This team should not be sitting with three losses and two draws after five matches. Something has to change, and it must happen now.