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5 Points on the Levski Match

My comments on the Levski Sofia match (from listening to the Valencian radio feed):

  1. The announcers were calling for Ariel Ibagaza the whole match. Seems like the team picked it up by a gear or two when he came in. H0pefully this marks the end of the Eguren/Bruno experiment; not enough creativity in central midfield when both are on the pitch. One of them and one of Marcos Senna/Ibagaza is the right balance.
  2. Ivan Marcano seemed to fit right in with Gonzalo. Good to have a viable third option at center back (and an occasional replacement for the indefatigable Joan Capdevila).
  3. Nilmar just adds that extra bit of class. The Villarreal of a few years ago wouldn't have won this game. but with him and Rossi, all it takes is one bit of magic. That's what we need to see on a consistent basis in the league too. It would be nice to play well the whole match and not need late heroics, but that's another matter.
  4. I love Jony Pereira, but he's not making the most of his chances. Would like to see a more consistent rotation of Rossi/Llorente/Nilmar, with Jony needing to prove himself as a late-game substitute (a la Jozy Altidore).
  5. When will Xavi Oliva see the pitch? Diego Lopez is fantastic, but he has committed his share of blunders in European competition (see Youtube: here and here, and pardon the music). In Salzburg (Europa League matchday 2) would be a good chance for a rest.

What am I wrong about? How will the squad look on Sunday? Game will be live on GolTV, so we will have full coverage. The B team travels to Huelva at the same hour; keep an eye out for feeds on Sunday morning.